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  • R35_slotl

    【R35】GReddy RX Throttle Kit

    GReddy RX Throttle Kit Product features ig throttle for the high-powered VR38 throttle. he throttle bore has been expanded to ID 68mm against the genuine throttle body ID 60. So

  • pulug_red

    GReddy Racing Plug Iridium Tune

    GReddy Racing Plug Iridium Tune This is the plug suitable from normal engine to high level tuned engine. The electrode is made by new metal iridium alloy, even under low

  • GReddy Racing Plug Pro Platimun

    GReddy Racing Plug Pro Platinum

    GReddy Racing Plug Pro Platinum This spark plug’s copper core is deeply inserted in the center electrode for improved thermal conductivity of increased engine power by boost up or turbine

  • For SE3P

    GReddy High Capacity Oil Pan

    GReddy High Capacity Oil Pan Greddy high-capacity oil pan kit enables to contain 600cc-1500cc more oil than stock oil pan. It locates cooling fin to outside of alminium oil pan.

  • timing_belt

    GReddyExtreme Timing Belts

    GReddy Extreme Timing Belts GReddy high power timing belt adopts special technic for making tooth cloth that no stress is applied to the closs to fit to specified shape for

  • pulley

    GReddy Aluminum Pulley Kit

    GReddy Aluminum Pulley Kit By making the pulleys light weight, it will reduce the inertia from the axis rotation which will improve the engine response.Made from duralumin (A2017) with anodized

  • F20A_PULLEY_KIT_mc

    【ZN6 / ZC6】single unit of water-pump pulley.

    GReddy Aluminum Pulley Kit For ZN6 / ZC6 Various aluminum pulleys for that greatly improving engine response Product Features Machining duralumin and light weight pulley with alumite treatment Because of

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