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Privacy Policy

Dear customers,

Trust Co., Ltd. (“our company” below) respects the value of information related to our customers’ personal lives (“personal information” below), and considers it an important social obligation to protect personal information by always managing it appropriately. In order to ensure this is put into practice, our company adheres to laws related to personal information, with executives and employees working in unison to handle personal information appropriately in the following ways.

Acquiring personal information and specifying its purpose of use

Our company may use personal information necessary to achieve the following purposes related to business activities.

Use of personal information in our company’s business

  1. Provision of services and support related to products and services that we handle (Information provision, trade and returns of repaired parts, billing and receipt of repair costs, service support within the warranty period, responding to inquiries and so on)
  2. In order to pay and confirm billing for various goods and services
  3. Market research on products and services through surveys etc
  4. Management of prizes and promotional campaigns

Regarding disclosure and provision to third parties

Personal information provided to us is not to be disclosed or provided to third parties, except in the following cases.
  1. When the individual’s consent is present
  2. Signing nondisclosure contracts concerning personal information with our company, for the purpose of delivering goods When contracting the handling of personal information necessary to achieve the purpose of use to a contractor company
  3. When disclosure or provision is required by law

Regarding disclosure, amendment, deletion or suspension of use of personal information

When a customer wishes for their personal information to be disclosed, amended, deleted or suspended from use, this will be done promptly after verifying the customer’s identity, when appropriate.

Regarding safety measures

Internal regulations are maintained, with thorough safety measures, in order to safely and appropriately manage personal information, prevent illegal access, loss, deletion, leakage and falsification, as well as for revisions.

Regarding revisions and improvements

Our company periodically conducts revisions and improvements of internal regulations and safety management measures related to protection of personal information. -Personal Information Inquiries Trust Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department TEL: 0479-77-3000 Telephone hours: 10:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 18:00 (excluding weekends, national holidays and company days off)   Last updated:18.02.2009

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