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GReddy Racing Plug Iridium Tune

This is the plug suitable from normal engine to high level tuned engine. The electrode is made by new metal iridium alloy, even under low voltage, it keeps high level firing ability, enables high response and power. It uses high melting point metal iridium alloy and adopts extremely small diameter 0.6mm center electrode. It uses nickel as side electrode, and adopts project(longer electrode)type. You can expect high power in all area of NA engine by this plug and when it used in turbo engine, it is suitable for user aims much torque for low-middle revolution. We prepare #7 or #8 for JIS type and ISO type, L type #8 B type #9.

Type No. CODE Price (Tax excl.) NGK No. Note
JIS IT 07 13000067 YEN 1,900 T7341T-7
IT 08 13000068 YEN 1,900 T7341T-8
ISO IT 07 ISO 13000077 YEN 1,900 T7340T-7
IT 08 ISO 13000078 YEN 1,900 T7340T-8
Long reach IT 08L 13000168 YEN 2,100 T40078T-8
LANCER REVOLUTION IT 08B 13000178 YEN 1,900 T40186T-8 Other historic cars
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