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GReddy High Performance Suspension Kit ZC33S

Product Features

Sport suspensions for ZC33S setup under supervision of Takamitsu Matsui. Two lineups: “Standard rate spec” is for town-use and small circuits, and the other “Middle rate spec” is especially for proper circuits.
  • Full-tap suspension kit
  • 32-step adjustable dumping (front and rear)
  • Single-rate coilover springs (front and rear)
  • High-camber-capable (0-6 degrees) lower brackets for front (5-step adjustment plates included)

※ Spring rate modification will be charged.
※ Optional Safety package equipped vehicle may not operate correctly due to ride height or vehicle individual differences.

Car Model Shock absorber specification / mounts Spring specification Ride height differences (comparing stock cars) Recommended setups
Adjustable range
Standard rate spec SZ-PD-003 Fr: Upright / Reinforced rubber 6.0K-L180 -54〜0 -22
Rr: Upright / Reinforced rubber 4.0K-L127 -58〜-28 -32
Middle rate spec SZ-PD-003M Fr: Upright / Reinforced rubber 8.0K-L160 -65〜0 -23
Rr: Upright / Reinforced rubber 6.0K-L115 -59〜-29 -33
Please make sure the ground clearance of the rear fog lamp is above 250mm when you set up the ride height lower than the recommended value, or you may violate Motor Vehicles Act and Act on Regulation. zc33_honjo_3

Vehicle Model: Swift sports

  • Vehicle Model: ZC33S
  • Model year: 2017.09〜

Standard rate spec

  • Product number: SZ-PD-003
  • CODE: 14092205
  • Price: ¥185,000 + tax

Middle rate spec

  • Product number: SZ-PD-003M
  • CODE: 14092206
  • Price: ¥185,000 + tax

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