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When you work for engine tuning, air-fuel-ratio can be fluctuated and easy to lose its balance.
Without taking care of air-fuel-ratio, not only you cannot take advantage of special parts’ performance but even original engine power cannot be brought out.
Greddy e-manage supports not only air-fuel ratio setting along with the engine tuning work, but it can be developed to sub-computer by downloading e-manage software from TRUST website and connect to PC, and with harness kit (separately sold) much more function can be used.
This product is an engine-management-system for from beginner to highly trained user, it enables to adjust fuel map to bring out the full potential of the natural engine power effectively.

  • CODE : 15500510
  • PRICE : YEN 35,000 without tax
  • Note : Separately USB cable to connect with PC is necessary.

e-manages Software download

It is available to manage on PC with using e-manage software. e-manage is able to be used more conveniently.


File Name : e-manage_150_setup.EXE Data Size : 5.3M

  • ※ Please check the operating environment of the PC before download
  • ※ “e-manage software” adapts to e-manage with after serial No.GSC-50000 (Current product).
  • ※ For e-manage before GSC-49999, please use “e-manage SUPPORT TOOL”.

Operating OS for e-manage software

  • Windows2000, XP, Windows7 (Not adapted to 64 bit)
  • CPU : Pentium 350MHz or more Memory : 128MB or more
  • HDD : 20MB or more
  • Interface : USB 1.1 or later
  • Display : Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or more, High Color (16 bit) or more

■ The update for 「e-manage support tool 」 as follows

Product detail

e-manage alone is a air flow controller.

If you use without e-manage software, at 5 engine operating point you can control air-fuel ratio by adjusting signal of genuine air-flow meter or air pressure sensor. By the volume dials of e-manage body
  • Airflow signal is adjusted by 5 volume dial of side panel of this product.
  • ACTIVE LED self diagnostic function monitors ECU operation and prevents engine brake-down by harness mis-connection or map mis-setting.

using e-manage software(ask for setting at product dealer) Setting can be made on PC.

It is available to manage on PC with using e-manage software. And it becomes a multi functional air flow correction controller that can make fine settings using the data logger function, the map by revolution and throttle open ratio.

On the PC monitor

  • Beside of side volume dial, airflow compensation can be made by PC software precisely correspond to throttle angle or engine revolution.
  • This product can be available for air-flow meter or injector modified vehicle.
  • boost limitter can be removed
  • With real time display, data logging function, it can log and see data in real time.

It can be used as sub-computer by attaching e-manage option parts(separately sold).

And using e-manage option parts (separately sold), it can be enhanced to be a sub-computer, that can increase injection volume and compensate spark angle.

On 16×16 matrix map of personal computer display

  • This product can increase fuel injection volume
  • This product can compensate spark angle.
  • This product can control up to 2 attached injector.
  • By map trace function, you can see operating point in real time.
  • VTEC and NVCS changing point can be controled.
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