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GReddy Airinx B Type ZN6/ZC6 (post minor-change)

  • Following the minor model change, the airbox has been redesigned to give optimum induction.
  • Improves high-end power and makes more aggressive induction sound.
  • An improved and lightened air intake plate, is designed to give fresh air via the stock air duct
  • By blocking hot air from the radiator, it helps prevent power loss often seen from high intake temperatures.
  • GReddy Direct Air Intake for 86/BRZ」「GReddy Direct Suction for 86・BRZ (post minor-change)」 by using these products together, it gives more efficient induction
inxb_mc86 airinxbmc_86

With its 3D net construction, and high efficiency 2-layer filter, it brings improved dust collection and filtration.

With its ideal proportions and a semi-spherical shaped filter, it offers both highly efficient induction and effective filtration.

Longlife 3D net construction, and high efficiency 2-layer filter

With its 3D mesh construction unique urethane foam 2-layer filter, joined with frame lamination that does not use adhesive, it does not inhibit induction, whilst improving dust-collection and filtration. It is also less prone to clogging like panel filters often, offering longer intervals between filter changes.

A high performance air filter, which offers high capacity in smaller spaces.

Thanks to the use of special rubber, the funnel and adapter offer single-piece construction. It offers sufficient filtering capacity and is designed to fit in small spaces. Even in tight spaces, one can freely choose their air intake layout.


  • For manual cars (post minor-change)
  • ※For pre minor change automatic models, the part with code:12511040 can be used.

Vehicle model : TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ

  • Vehicle type : DBA-ZN6 / DBA-ZC6
  • Engine type : FA20
  • Model Year:2016.8〜
  • Set Product Number:TY-M041B
  • Filter Size:AY-MB
  • Adapter Product No.:M80
  • CODE:12511041
  • Price:YEN 31,800 (Tax excl.)
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