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GReddy Fuel Delivery Tube for R35

  ■The inner diameter of the main tube to 14mm, the inner diameter of the mount on the injector to 10mm and the connecton line to each bank to using by AN8 fuel safe hose are adopter. The flow capacity for big injectors is imoroved by straightening the fuel line. ■The adjustment range is 2.5mm above and 3.5mm lower for using different injector from the genuine. ■ Genuine Fuel Regulator, Genuine Fuel Damper can attach on the genuine position by the special adpter. AN8 union includes for the outside mount fuel regulator. ※ It is impossible to attach the fuel damper which is mounted on the genuine fuel delivery tube of the left bank. ※ Not include the fuel hose for connecting to the outside mount fuel regulator. If using i, you need to design separately.   ■ There are special lock clips for connecting injectors strongly and suppressing the length various of the injector position. ※ It is possible to use the injector which has a grove for the genuine lock clip.  


■Car Type : CBA-R35 ■Engine type : VR38DETT ■Year : 07.12~ ■CODE:13923101 ■Price YEN 73,000 without tax    
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