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【ZN6/ZC6】GReddy BOLT-ON TURBO KIT T518Z-10cm2 with Catalyzer

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GReddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit T518Z-10cm2 with Catalyzer

Bolt-On Turbo Kit for Automobile Regulation conformity Without tunned fuel system, the maximum powr approximate 280 ps (Genuine + 100ps), the maximum torque 30kg-m / 3800rpm (Test data by manufacturer) Over 25kg-m from 3200rpm to rev limit 7200rpm. All range from normal rev to high rev are torque full. For wide power band, it si easy to drive from town to circuit driving. FRS_TURBO KIT_03

【 KIT Detail 】 T518Z-10cm2 Actuator type (Adjusted boost presure 49kpa (0.5kg/cm2) SUS EX.Manifold SUS Front pipe Catalyzer (Metal catalyzer) : Cell dimension : 200cpi Intercooler Aluminum Piping AIRINX ※ Not include the setting tool (Separately you need)

※ 86/BRZ TURBO KIT MAIN ECU DATA (include BOOST UP DATA) adapted only for the first model.

[ With Catalyzer ]

■CODE 11510403
■PRICE YEN 500,000 without tax
■Car Type 86(ZN6) / BRZ(ZC6)
■Year 86/12.04〜 , BRZ/12.03〜16.06
※ Adapted to the post model of 86. Confirming to adapt the post model of BRZ. ※ Under developing the main ECU data for the post model of 86  


With catalyzer (In place of the first catalyzer). Oil Cooler is availavel to amount together. Adapted to 86 17inch 6MT/6AT & 16inch 6MT Adapted to BRZ 17inch 6MT/6AT To be added to adapt to 86 16inch 6AT & BRZ 16inch 6MT/6AT. ■CODE : 11510403 ■PRICE : YEN 500,000 without tax
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