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This sports suspension kit takes into consideration the ride quality at the town use, while enjoying the circuit.

GReddy Performance Damper type S has balanced 2 characteristics, sports zone that enables damping performance from low piston speed up to 0.1m/s and street zone damping force rise up linearly and supports stable drive, and so it has wide range of damping performance ,and it balances flexible ride and sports performance.
Wide damping characteristic brings both supple ride comfort and sporty performance.


Improved grip level by superior road surface follow-up performance.

GReddy Performance Damper type S adopts the total length adjust type so it does not sacrifice stroke. Even though you drop the ride height, it can ensure sufficient stroke volume, it can follow up road compliance and enables high grip level. It adopts screw type ride height adjustment so it can be adjusted for millimeter precise.

Wide range of damping control from circuit attack to town use.

It adopts needle type valve that can be adjusted in all area of damping force control. The width of damping adjust is from circuit drive level of S-tire to street level like street car level so it is very wide.

Produce superior damping performance in low speed range.

The damper itself adopts Dia 46 big mono tube piston that has wide pressure area, and initial damping response is sharply risen up in low piston speed. And thin damper case enables well balanced of high rigidity and light weight.

Adopt long rebound stroke spring with high durability.

It adopts high stiffness SAE9254 that has long available stroke and durability for a sag , and optimized design enables light weight. And it adopts 250mm variable spring for rear, and ensures long rebound stroke (with exceptions).

Realized sticky cornering even during tight corners.

It uses bump rubber not only for bottoming stopper, but also for spring of longer stroke positively, and it enables sticky cornering that does not give way during tight corner.

Aluminum bracket

Adopted Aluminum bracket as standard on all models excluding cars with strut.

Adjustable upper mount with pillow ball bearing

It equips adjustable upper mount with pillow ball bearing as standard equipment for cars with front strut. The scale engraved on right and left of mount enables correct camber adjustment (with exceptions).

Reinforced rubber type upper mount.

All vehicle except of front strut, it adopts reinforced rubber type silent upper mount. It uses 40mm thick damper rubber and better for damping performance.

Include Extension control cable

For the vehicle with rear damper mounting part is concealed by rear shelf (speaker board), included extension control cable which can be disassembled.

Include high adjust wrench.

GReddy Suspension series Overhaul Service

TRUST offer overhaul as exchanging cartridge. Different from general length adjustable damper, no need to disassemble and send them to us.
By this system, you can avoid car is left to disassembled for a long time or change to genuine damper temporary, so overhaul can be made smooth and excludes time loss.

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