GReddy Produce by TRUST


Low down spring with a moderate down amount and ride comfort

GReddy BL Comfort Down Spring fulfills 3 performance factor ‘comfortable ride’ ‘best form’ ‘durability of sag’ and automobile regulation conformity. It is specially designed for each vehicle model over 400 kinds for optimized drop down. The comfortable ride is not sacrificed, suitable low down amount generates the stylish form.

Moderate low down and Comfortable style

GReddy BL Comfort Spring produces an attractive style and does not impair comfortable ride with moderate drop amount. It is designed as each vehicle model specialized and produces the best form.

Also considered ride quality.

It is designed for safe and calm drive even low down. Vanadium is mixed as metal additive, in order to be durable for hard repetition of extend- compression during sports drive. By this, it maintains high strain and high heat resistance and shows durability of sag for a long time and it shows stable performance.

Pursuing “Driving pleasure” unique to the tuning maker.

Different from spring only for low down, we pursue the ideal design as tuning parts maker. we consider for balance to combine with genuine shock absorber, calculate preload and it ensures stable traction when cornering. And BL Comfort Spring is considered rebound performance conspicuous, and simultaneously enables comfortable ride, spring rate is suitable 10-20% up than genuine spring.

Automobile Regulation conformity

It is designed as each vehicle model for the best low down amount. Confirmed to Automobile Regulation.

※ Some vehicle needs structural modified registration (Include strength examination report, drawing, material record certification)

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