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GReddy Performance Damper TYPE-S

Product Feature

  • Developed on the circuit tests by the SWIFT demo car under the supervision of Takeshi Tsuchiya, Japanese racing driver. The circuit-ready dumping characteristics with supple and smooth feelings widely covers various scenarios such as daily transport and competition.
  • Adopted the mono tube shock absorber with Dia 46mm big piston which is superior to the rise of initial damping force. The special shock absorber fluid which is resistant to heat degradation has been developed.
  • Adopted 32-step dial adjustable dumping. It adopts needle type valve that can be adjusted in all area of damping force control. The width of damping adjust is from circuit drive level of S-tire to street level like street car level so it is very wide. It has a wide attenuation characteristic that has two characteristics, Sports driving area that fully demonstrates damping force even from a very low speed range of under 0.1 m/s, Street driving area that supports stable driving with linearly damping force. It makes compatibility between ride comfort and sportiness.
  • It adopts screw type ride height adjustment so it can be adjusted for millimeter precise. The car height and preload can be independently adjusted so that the best setting for the desired height is possible.
  • It adopts high stiffness SAE9254 that has long available stroke and durability for a sag, and optimized design enables light weight.


  • MODEL : ZC31S
  • Year : 05.09〜10.03
  • CODE : 14092201
  • PRICE : YEN 175,000 without tax
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