GReddy Produce by TRUST

Sub parts etc.

  • GReddy Titanium Turbo Blanket

    GReddy Titanium Turbo Blanket Turbine exhaust housing cover for TD05 / TD06 / T67, T78 / T88 / T88H The material inside the blanket has been changed to improve fire
  • GReddy Titanium Exhaust Wrap

    GReddy Titanium Exhaust Wrap Universal heat wrap which demonstrates high heat resistance and reliability. Heat and abrasion resistant, this heat wrap provides outstanding reliability. Heat resistance temperature : Contact surface
  • GReddy Fire Sleeve

    GReddy Fire Sleeve For the protection of hoses and wiring etc. from heat produced by the engine and exhaust. Product Feature Materials:Silicone, Glass Fibre Heatproof temperature:260℃ Momentary heat resistance:1650℃ Black,
  • Universal Power Steering Relocation Kit

    Universal Power Steering Relocation Kit This kit comes with aluminum power steering cooler pipe, hoses and brackets. This kit comes with aluminum power steering cooler pipe, hoses and brackets. CODE
  • Aluminum Elbow Pipes (Cast)

    Aluminum Elbow Pipes (Cast) These pipes made from cast to create the bends which can not be made by pipe bending machine.These pipes can be used for custom application. Aluminum
  • Heat Resistant Cloth

    Heat Resistant Cloth This cloth is used to insulate engine parts from the high temperatures created by the engine and exhaust manifold. Price List Size CODE Price (Tax excl.) 200㎜×200㎜

    GReddy OIL CATCH TANK Returning blow-by gas directly into an engine, not only decreases thermal efficiency and degrades the engine oil, but oil and moisture in the blow-by gas sticks

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