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M16-SP 0530

Special Oil for only SWIFT

  • GReddy M16-SP 0530 has been developed for sport driving of SWIFT with the concept of the high oil pressure stability under high temperature and high load, the high response decreasing viscous resistance, and the decreasing power loss. With superior low temperature viscous property, this high performance oil protects the high performance engine under all condition which include from cold district to high temperature area, from town-use to circuit-run, no limit of weather condition and driving situation.
  • The base oil adopted 「GReddy Tri-Ester Formulation with PAO」 which constituted three thermoduric and lubricity ester and PAO. By the special ester which has a characteristic to adsorb electrically to the metal surface, this makes strong oil film from dry start to heavy high temperature range. This protects the engine from the heavy condition such dray start or high load on the circuit.
  • The wonderful shear stability has been realized by “Non-polymer formula”, which is without viscosity index improver. For the NA engine and the supercharged engine with high rev and extreme situation, the excellent oil pressure stability shows.
  • This adopted high performance DI additional agent which has high oxidation stability, wear resistance, cleaning dispersant, corrosion resistance, rust‐prevention and deforming. Additionally A stable coefficient of friction is realized low by the function of friction reducing agent. The throttle response improve in the whole area by the reduction friction loss.
  • This oil tested by our DEMO car (turbocharged car, NA tuned car) from town-use to circuit time attack. It’s a convincible high performance oil.
M16SP 4L can

M16SP 4L can

M16 SP 20L CAN

M16 SP 20L CAN

M16-SP 0530 Price list

CONTENT CODE Price wiithout tax Package
500ml 17501252 YEN 1,300
4L 17501251 YEN 9,800 6 cans
20L 17501253 YEN 44,500 Pail can


SAE viscosity number standard kinematic viscosity mm2/S(cSt) Flash point Viscosity index pour point ℃
40℃ 100℃
75.3 11.9 224 155 Under -55.0
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