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sirius vision


Price List : sirius vision

  • CODE : 16001720
  • PRICE : YEN 48,000 without tax

Price List : Sensor / Harness SET

Type CODE Price without tax
Boost sensor SET 16401940 YEN 13,500
Pressure sensor SET 16401941 YEN 13,500
Temperature sensor SET 16401942 YEN 8,500

Price list Sirius Harness

Type CODE Price without tax
Harness for Pressure sensor 16401931 YEN 2,500
Harness for Temperature sensor 16401932 YEN 2,500
Extension Harness for Temperature sensor 16401411 YEN 2,500
Extension Harness for Pressure sensor 16401412 YEN 2,500
Branch Harness for sirius meter 16401935 YEN 2,500


  • Choice from 6 indicator display contents. One Bar graph display, One digital indicator,total 2 contents can be displayed. Each can choose other contents.
  • 「sirius control unit」 is required (not include).
  • Sensor and Harness for display contents are required. Change the display contents by the operation of Control Unit.
  • Peak memory function : Record and remember the maximum value.
  • Dimmer function : Display brightness changes by Headlight ON/OFF.
  • Appeal Warning function: the indicator shows Warning
  • Include a special mounting stay for meter and a diverged wire harness


  • 1 year warranty from the date which is written on the warranty document.
  • It will be accepted if problems occur in the correct usage
  • Please request the shop or dealer to write the shop name and the date which is bought.
  • The warranty won’t be accept if there isn’t any description of the shop name and the date or if there is something traces of correction.
  • The warranty document won’t be reissued. So, please keep it carefully.

Image movie

“sirius” Instruction manual

Dimension : sirius vision


Maximum/Minimum value of displayed item and illumination brightness

The value range which can be displayed Inithial value of warning Note
Boost pressure -0.99~2.5(kPa) 1.20(kPa)
Water Temperature 0~120(℃) 100(℃)
Oil Temperature 20 ~ 140(℃) 120(℃)
Oil Pressure 0 ~ 10.0 (kPa) 1.0(kPa) ※Warning low level
Fuel Pressure 0~6.0(kPa) 1.5(kPa) ※Warning low level
Generic Temperature 1/2 0~140(℃) 120(℃)
Generic Pressure 0~10.0(kPa) 1.0(kPa) ※Warning low level
Battery voltage 9~18.0(V) 1.0(kPa) 10.0(V) ※Warning low level
Day light luminous quantity Night luminous quantity
Illumination brightness 7 3

sirius control unit

  • Necessary functions for working Sirius series device gathered.
  • The single control unit connects multiple meters.
  • Self-diagnosins system for noticing the mechanical error
  • Include : Main connector / Communication harness / Power supply cable

PRICE sirius control unit

  • CODE : 16001721
  • PRICE : YEN 17,000 without tax

Dimension : sirius Control Unit


Wiring diagram

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