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GReddy Profec

  • Smart control by intuitive handling
  • Boost controller with OLED display
  • New generation GReddy Profec
  • CODE : 15500214
  • PRICE : YEN 42,800 without tax

Profec repair parts

Product name CODE Price without tax
Air filter Dia 4 (repair) 15900011 YEN 600
Profec Power supply cable 15900551 YEN 1,000
Valve Unit 15900552 YEN 9,000
Valve Unit Harness 15900553 YEN1,800

Product Specification

Simple and Easy operation

One push and round switch, two push buttons Developed with simple operation.


Intuitive operation with dial

The new Profec series adopts same rotaly dial with dual switch as before that is symbol of profec series.You can operate intuitively from the driver seat. Even the compact body, with the dial switch, it enables high level controlability.


Adopted new SOLENOID VALVE and CPU

The more compact solenoid valve and faster newest ECU processer provide quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet.

Separate controller unit and power unit


To keep the display unit as slim as possible, a separate waterresistant sensor unit was developed. Now that the sensor unit is mounted in the engine room, only a single thin harness is required to be routed through the vehicle’s fire wall.

Excellent visibility with OLED display

OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) display offers excellent visibility at a wider range of angles. It is also much brighter than conventional LCD screens, allowing the display to be more compact, yet still effective.


Flexible attachment is available by compact and thin body.


89mm X 36.5mm – 11mm thick flat-screen surface mounting(not included switch) on instrument panel, as well as, the rotating of the display by 180 degrees, opens up numerous mounting options and harness layout.

A lot of convenient functions

Boost display pattern can be selected from 3 patterns.

  • Programable LO and HI boost pre-sets, with a 3rd scramble setting.
  • Warning feature displays an visual and audio alert when the unit detects an over-boost situation.
  • If the boost warning level is surpassed, the Profec can reduce boost levels via a programable limitter function.
  • Built-in high performance pressure sensor corresponding to 300kPa
  • The Profec can display the last(peak) boost value after each boost session from plus boost to negative boost.
  • The peak-hold function can display the maximum boost recorded.
  • Boost levels and stability can be fine-tuned by adjusting the GAIN and START BOOST setting.

Dimension : Controller

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