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Adopted a 3.5 inch full color touch panel screen. Superior visibility, easy operation.
Digital multi monitor that can display many vehicle information

Simple connect to diagnostic link connector, the unit can display from a large list of factory ECU signal items. You can choose monitoring item from 5 display pattern and 6 read-out styles, data are monitored and recorded and playbacked. Except displaying vehicle data, it can display diagnostic code, clear code( only for CAN communication vehicle), fuel economy measurement, gear position, power estimation can be displayed, f-manage and v-manage compatible and can be connected to an optional sensor (boost, oil temperature, oil pressure) etc, having many abilities.

  • CODE : 16001604
  • PRICE : YEN 39,800 without tax
Matching List / Display items by vehicle type

Product Specification

Easy install

Easy to install on coupler on diagnostic connector in vehicle.
A huge ECU data can be monitored in real time.

Adopted a 3.5 inch touch panel screen.

Adopted a directly touch panel.
Switching display items and setting can be done smoothly.
3.5 inch 65536 full color TFT LCD is excellent in visibility.

Various information display

All display items

※ Display items are different depending on the car model. Please confirm the Matching list for details.

Rev Speed Speed Ignition Timing Throttle Throttle % Water Temperature Intake Air Temperature Air flow meter Air flow meter %
Air flow meter 2 Air flow meter 2 % Intake Manifold Pressure Intake air Intake air % Injector Injector % Injector 2 Injector 2 %
A/F control A/F control 2 A/F Revised value A/F Revised value 2 A/F Revised value R A/F Learning value A/F Learning value 2 A/F ECU A/F ECU 2
O2 Voltage O2 Voltage 2 Battery Boost SOL Boost SOL 2 Exhaust temperature voltage 4WD Ratio Fuel Pressure ATF oil temperature

Fuel consumption indication

Distance Instant Fuel Consumption Average Fuel Consumption Integrated Fuel Consumption
Section Fuel Consumption Fuel consumption Fuel Charge

Valve timing display by communicating with v-manage.

Valve timing IN Valve timing EX

Gear position display for MT car or AT car

Gear position

A/F infromation display by communicating with v-manage.

A/F 1 A/F 2

Adapted CAN communication

It also fit to SO14230 diagnosis connector and older Nissan consult and the newest can communication. It is suitable for wide variety of vehicles.

※ In order to correspond to the previous NISSAN CONSULT, an optional NON – OBD harness (YEN 2,650) is necessary.

Useful functions

  • Record,replay(up to 15 minutes):Monitoring data can be recoded and playbacked.
  • Percent transfer:Throttle voltage or air-flow voltage etc, some monitoring parameter’s voltage can be transferred to percent and displayed.
  • Unit : METRIC or SEA
  • Warning: The warning setting can be set in two zones, HI and LO.
  • Peak hold : Can store peak value of item
  • Language : Japanese or English
  • Font : 2 types for numeral and alphabet characters
  • Diagnostic code scan and clear:For CAN communication vehicle, diagnostic code of ISO regulation(general engine vehicle only) and title can be displayed and cleared.


Product name CODE Price without tax Overview
Intelligent informeter TOUCH NISSAN NON-OBD harness 16401700 YEN 2,500 When installing to cars with the previous NISSAN diagnosis system, use be replacing it from OBD harness attached to the main body.
intelligent informeter TOUCH OBD harness 16401706 YEN 3,800 ・ Communication cable for connecting intelligent informeter TOUCH and the car with OBD (repair parts)
intelligent informeter TOUCH OBD Harness for FD3S 16401707 YEN 3,500 If it is attached to MAZDA FD3S, harness should be changed to attached one. Standard sensor adaptor can be used.
intelligent informeter TOUCH serial communication harness 16401701 YEN 4,000 ・ Display A/F actual value by communicated by f-manege (Both can be displayed when installing two A / F sensors).
・ Display valve timing actual value by communicated by v-manage (Both In & EX can be displayed).
・ When communicating with one of v-manage or f-manage, no data link cable is necessary.
・ For connection, wiring the power supply and ground, and inserting the terminal of the intelligent informer TOUCH connector are necessary.
※ Not adapt to cars with the previous NISSAN diagnosis system (NISSAN NON-OBD harness vehicles).

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