GReddy Produce by TRUST


It adopts propylene glycol(PG) superior to heat transfer.

It adopts propylene glycol(PG) that are superior to heat transfer as main ingredients.

It enables water temperature stable and increases cooling performance at severe high revolution area, because it absorbs and expels engine heat quickly.

It shows anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance and fits to copper or aluminium radiator.

It shows high anti-rust performance under hard sport drive or severe shake or thermal load of high power engine, and anti-corrosion and long life ability fit to aliminium material .

It prevents aliminium electric corrosion under high temperature and high pressure, it preserves high performance alimium radiator and alminium parts for a long time of course copper or iron radiator.

Pre-diluted by highly purified water.

it uses purified water by reverse osmosis menbrane and ion exchanged prastic.Impurities are ultimately eliminated, so it has an aspect to get impurities easily. This products is also expected to cleanse water line effectively.

For all season. Life cycle : 2 years.

It can be used through the year, all season type coolant. And it enables recommended change cycle long 2 year (20000km). ( it depends on circumstances and condition)

Special additive PRCB formulation

PRCB special additive is added and it shows conspicuous anti-foam anti-rust anti-corrosion performance.

High anti-foam abiliy

By high anti-foam abiliy, it effectively eliminates foams or air pockets occuring at high revolution of water pump that causes cabitation. To prevent cabitation mitigates engine damage and to eliminate foam enables more effective engine cooling and prevent water temp elevation.

Freezing temperature -40 ° C

Its freezing point is set to negative 40℃. More than it pursues extremely heat transfer performance of high temperature area as sports coolant, it highly balances low temperature ability as anti-freeze coolant, you can use in all season without care of atmosphere temperature without anxiety.

Product name CODE PRICE Note
4L 17600001 YEN 6,800 ・ Liquid color : Blue
・ Diluted
20L 17600002 YEN 30,000
Coolant capacity list for each cars
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