GReddy Produce by TRUST


It adopts ethylene glycol(EG) that are superior to high boiling point, low viscousity anti-freeze ability.

It adopts ethylene glycol as proprietary ingredients that is superior to low viscosity and anti-freeze ability. For sports drive of high performance vehicle, PRCB special additive is added to it and it shows conspicuous anti-foaming and anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, This is the high performance coolant that shows stable ability under stringent circumstances.

Special additive PRCB formulation

By high anti-foam abiliy, it effectively eliminates foams or air pockets occuring at high revolution of water pump that causes cabitation. To prevent cabitation mitigates engine damage and to eliminate foam enables more effective engine cooling and prevent water temp elevation.

It shows high foam elimination, anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance.

It shows anti-rust ability that is ensured under hard sport drive or severe shake or thermal load under high power engine, and anti-corrosion performance and withstanding long time of use suits to aliminium material. It prevents aliminium electric corrosion under high temperature and high pressure, for copper or iron of course, it protects high performance alimium radiator and alminium parts for a long period of time.

Dilution raito can be wide.

It adopts high condensed solution, and to dilute with water, freezing temperature can be set on purpose(recommended mix ratio is 30%-80% ) According to the lowest temperature of using area or vehicle’s coolant volume, suitable mix ratio of coolant can be made, and it shows high cost performance. Recommended change cycle is long 2 year, it shows long life performance(but it depends on the condition of usage)

Volume : 4L

CODE : 17600011

PRICE : YEN 4,800 without tax

Note : Liquid color : Yellow. High concentration liquid.

GReddy Clear Water

This is best purified water to dilute GReddy High Performance Colant EG to target freezing temperature on purpose.

It uses water purified by reverse osmosis menbrane and ion exchanged prastic.

It eliminates impurities ultimately, it has an aspect to get impurities easily. This products is also expected to cleanse water line effectively.

10L 17600021 YEN 2,300
20L 17600022 YEN 2,600
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