GReddy Produce by TRUST

8c㎡ with Catalyzer / without Catalyzer

Hi response model for acceleration of low and middle rotation speed

Product Feature

This is a Bolt-on Turbo Kit which is focused on low-mid rev range power not to have only peak power.
Maximum is appoximately 270hp(7150rpm), 31.0kgm3810(rpm). And this can made powerful driving
You can feel turbo power from around 3000rpm, and it is very effective on street, hill climb, mini circuit. The size of turbine exhaust housing is 8c㎡. So it can make power from low revolution range and you can feel the goodness of engine response on the situation which has many on-off of acceleration.



■Turbine T517Z 8c㎡ (actuator type) ※Setting Boost pressure 45~50kPa (0.45~0.50/c㎡) Reference Power approximate 260~270 PS

■Intercooler TYPE 40 and Aluminum piping and Aluminum elbow

■Special EX Manifold, Sport Catalyzer,※ Without Catalyzer, include a Straight pipe

■Muffler Front Tube

■Special Air Cleaner (AIRINX-B) and Suction pipe

■ Heat Insulator, Heat Resistant Cloth and other short parts

※ The minimum machining of the body has been possible to be designed by the special aluminum elbow and the place of the intercooler.
(Turbo KIt T518Z and T620Z are the same)



  • Adapted to STD engine
  • Adapted to STD Fuel Pump, Injector, Plug
  • ECU setting is necessary (Exclude ECU Setting Tool)
    T517 Turbo Kit Main ECU data releases at the same time (Data for with Catalyzer)
    ECU-TEK with license YEN 158,000 without tax, without license YEN 118,000 (without tax)
    ※”without license” is adapted only already ECU written machine by ECU -TEK at NA.
    (GReddy performance ECU full data installed machine)
    ※If without Catalyzer, the setting for the actual car is necessary.
  • Adapted : 86 / BRZ (first model) M/T and A/T, ECU data for the post model is developping (will be released)
  • Clutch needs to be changed. (Our demo-car uses OS-GIKEN Street master single clutch(HARD))
  • You can reduce the time of mechanic operation dramatically if you use the special oil-sump(CODE: 11912001 Price 20000JPY).
  • GReddy Standard Oil Cooler (include Circuit Spec.) simultaneously places
  • GReddy TW Radiator simultaneously places
  • GReddy Aluminum Pulley Kit simultaneously places
  • Recommeded engine oil is more than 5w-40 grade. (Our demo-car uses GREDDY FA20-SP oil)
  • The second catalyzer uses Genuine part.
  • Some Genuine parts (6 nuts for EX Manifold) are necessary ※They are not reuse parts.


[Reference working time] 12h ※Use a machined oil pan



■Car Type : ZN6 / ZC6
■Engine Type : FA20
■Year : 12.03 ~/12.04〜
■Turbine : T517Z 8c㎡

[GReddy TURBO KIT ZN6/ZC6 T517Z 8c㎡ with Catalyzer]
CODE : 1151 0411
PRICE : YEN 500,000 without tax

[GReddy TURBO KIT ZN6/ZC6 T517Z 8c㎡ without Catalyzer]
CODE : 1151 0412
PRICE : YEN 440,000 without tax

Compared with T518Z TURBO

– Compared with T518Z TURBO –
T518A is milder that T517Z, so it is easy to drive on the street and even circuit.
But on the other hand, if you use EXTREME ACTUATOR, you can get 300hp and it can cover from low to high revolution range.

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