GReddy Produce by TRUST

GReddy XROSS EXHAUST S-Style Ver.2
60mm-110*70 Oval [PRADO 150]

Product Feature

*The tail is an oval type and has a diagonally rearward layout. This secures road clearance.
*Rear pipe replacement type, so you can easily enjoy dressing up.
*The volume and sound quality are the same as those of the genuine product, giving a stylish rear view.
*For luxury quality and durability, buffed SUS304 stainless steel is used for both the pipe and tail.
*Vehicle inspection compatible muffler : 2010(H.22) Noise Regulation non-target.
(Because there is no change in the genuine silencer)


Product Feature

-Separation / Pipe diameter : 1 / 60mm
-Tail Shape : 70*110mm Oval (and GReddy Logo)
-Replacement part : Rear pipe part
-Material : SUS
-Proximity noise(Normal) : 87dB/3900rpm(TRJ150W)
-Proximity noise(TRUST) : 87dB/3900rpm(TRJ150W)
-Minimum under clearance : 427mm(tail part)
[Fender Height] -Right Front : 950mm
-Left Front : 948mm
-Right Rear : 1000mm
-Left Rear : 990mm
-Accessories : Normal Gasket *1


[Matching] LAND CRUISER PRADO 150 / 151

Model : CBA-GRJ150W/151W, CBA-TRJ150W, LDA-GDJ150W/151W

Engine : 1GR-FE, 2TR-FE, 1GD-FTV
Model Year : 2009/09-

Release : Mid-July 2020


TRUST CODE : 10113904
JAN CODE : 4991995937159
Price : JPY42,800-(Excluding tax)

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