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      SUBARU WRX S4 (VAG) 2014/08 - EngineModel FA20 is displayed.


      GReddy Muffler Series

        imagesCODEstockPrice with taxStyleSpecRemarkDrivePIPE(φ)TAIL(mm)Split音量(dB)DetailFeature
        10160713 - ¥327,800- GReddy COMFORT SPORT GT Slash Muffler with Center Pipe Compliant with noise regulations in 2010 Exhaust gas discrimination code : CBA- /DBA- /3BA-
        Cut processing is recommended because Partially narrow clearance between tail pipe and bumper
        ■minimum ground clearance : 129mm[Frange part (FrontPipe to CenterPipe)]
        ■Fender height : right front 677mm / left front 680mm / right rear 679mm / left rear 681mm
        *Not compatible with TYPE RA-R
        4WD70-60*21024genuine:76 TRUST:84/84
        10160711 - ¥184,800- Greddy Comfort SportsGT Slash Compliance with 2010 noise regulations Vehicle Emissions Control Type : CBA- /DBA- /3BA-
        Cutting is recommended because the clearance between the tail pipe and the bumper is partly narrow.
        Exchange only Rear piece.
        *Minimum Ground Clearance : 205mm [Rear Silencer]
        *Fender height : FR 681mm / FL 675mm / RR 680mm / RL 680mm
        *Not compatible with TYPE RA-R
        4WD601022Normal:76/76 Trust:83/80
        10163303 - ¥250,800- GReddy Power Extreme R HD Vehicle Emissions Control Type : CBA- /DBA- /3BA-
        *Minimum Ground Clearance : 126mm [Front to Center / Frange part]
        *Fender height : FR 677mm / FL 678mm / RR 684mm / RL 682mm
        *Not compatible with TYPE RA-R
        4WD70-60*21154Normal:76/76 Trust:88/89
        10163302 - ¥352,000- GReddy Power Extreme R DD Vehicle Emissions Control Type : CBA- /DBA- /3BA-
        *Minimum Ground Clearance : 117mm [Frange part (FrontPipe to CenterPipe)]
        *Fender height : FR 680mm / FL 679mm / RR 683mm / RL 679mm
        *Not compatible with TYPE RA-R
        4WD70-60*2-50*4904Normal:76/76 Trust:89/89



          imagesCODEstockPrice with taxProduct NameSpecRemarkDetailFeature
          12562501 - ¥6,820- TRUST AIRINX-GT SB-1GT


          GReddy Olicooler KIT

            imagesCODEstockPrice with taxProduct NameSpecRemarkCORETYPE
            CENTER BOLT
            12064608 - ¥80,300- GReddy Oilcooler KIT Standard Type 13Row Oil Cooler Core 13 Row L299×H185.4×W50
            OilBlock include thermostat operation temperature 75°c-82°c+-2°c
            #10 Nylon mesh hose
            TRUST original fitting
            Need 3/4-16 UNF Oil Filter(GReddy:OX-01/OX-02/OX-03) for M20xP1.5 Center Bolt Engine
            Block Built In
            Front of RadiatorCenterBoltSize:M20-P1.5

            ENGINE PARTS

            GReddy オイルフィラーキャップ

              imagesCODEstockPrice with taxProduct NameSpecRemarkDetailFeature
              13901506 - ¥9,680- GReddy Oil Filler Cap B-TYPE GOC-B06 Product number : GOC-B06

              AERO PARTS

              GReddy AERO Series

                imagesCODEstockPrice with taxProduct NameSpecRemarkDetailFeature
                17060070 - ¥162,800- GReddy AERO KIT CARBON COVER Carbon It is a type that is attached to the roof.
                The antenna part has a hole.
                *As this is a large item, a separate shipping fee will be charged.
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