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      HONDA Freed (GB3) 2008/05 - EngineModel L15A (SOHC i-VTEC) is displayed.


      GReddy Muffler Series

        imagesCODEstockPrice without taxStyleSpecRemarkDrivePIPE(φ)TAIL(mm)Split音量(dB)DetailFeature
        10150711 - ¥54,000- GReddy COMFORTSPORTS GT Slash G FLEX OK FF50-601021Normal:77 Trust:83

        Suspension & Spring

        GReddy BL Comfort Spring

          imagesCODEstockPrice without taxProduct NameSpecRemarkDetailFeature
          14051366 - ¥36,000- GReddy BL Comfort Spring HNG066 Springlate(Kg):F 3.6 / R 3.1 Down(-mm):35-40
          1.5L 2WD
          7 Seater/FLEXi Aero 5 Seater

          ENGINE PARTS

          GReddy Racing Plug

            imagesCODEstockPrice without taxProduct NameSpecRemarkDetailFeature
            - - GReddy Racing Plug Iridium Tune ISO need:4
            Standard Plug:IZFR6K13
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